Today, I went outside.

Of course, I usually go outside in the course of a day - to walk to the bus stop, or from the train station to work. That's not unusual.

But I've found that as time has gone on, I've gone outside deliberately less; I've spent less time under the sky, enjoying just being there. And that's kind of a shame.

So for the past couple weeks, I've been taking the time to remind myself to actively seek out time outside. Which has been relatively easy, given how pleasant the weather's been of late.

I've found it's improved my mood; it helps me to remember that no matter the stressors in my life, there's a bigger picture that's more important and beautiful than anything I could make myself.

So, today I went outside. I took my Nook and sat down on the shore of Spot Pond, and I read. And it was a wonderful afternoon.