I'm working on a presentation to show off beekeeper to the world — that is, the part of the world that comprises the membership of the Boston Python User Group.

Since beekeeper uses some pretty abstract concepts, and I want people to "get it" right away, I'm using some graphical animations to make the point.

The animation in question has a giant Python logo representing beekeeper "consume" a hive file graphic, pulse like it's working on something, then fade away to reveal an object structure diagram, which then moves to the center of the screen and grows to fit the available space.

It looks pretty nifty. I might have to post a GIF at some point.

The problem is that the diagram is a graphic. I took a very high-res screenshot to make sure I had enough detail, and then pasted it into place beneath the representation of beekeeper. This resulted in it being resized to the correct resolution, I guess, and the problem is that if I do a "grow" animation on it later, it doesn't realize that it really ought to use a less scaled-down version of the original.

Oh well. Thanks, Microsoft.