I mean, seriously. I've been playing with it for a little bit for a variety of reasons (example: plain Python has gotten somewhat boring, and I'm going to need to produce UIs eventually anyway), and I'm pretty much blown away by how powerful it is.

The idea that you can define a Python class in a particular way, and have it stick in a database is just ridiculously awesome. Honestly, I'd have no idea on how to begin implementing that.

And the templating is really cool too. Honestly, it's kind of crazy that you can call Python variables from inside HTML. That's kinda what I've always wanted in a web platform. Really, how have I not done anything with this before?

All that said, it's definitely a little tricky to get used to when you're accustomed to working in "pure" Python without worrying about dealing with other sets of syntax.

But I will get there. I have to get there.