Bruce Schneier makes much of the concept of "security theater"

Put simply, security theater is something that institutions do to make us feel safe, even if it doesn't actually make us safer. Examples include airport security and X-Ray machines at sporting events.

I feel like there are some examples that don't even deserve the term "theater". Like today.

A few days ago, I ordered a copy of the Sneakers Blu-Ray on Amazon. It's a great movie, and you should watch it if you get the chance, but I digress.

Today, I got a notification at work that it had been delivered to my home. Which is perfectly normal.

When I got home, I was amused by what I saw. The delivery driver had placed the package under the mat and then pulled the mat halfway up the door.

This is ridiculous. If someone is looking to steal random Amazon packages, they're much better off targeting houses with doormats in disarray than going door to door checking for a package on top of the mat.

Security puppet shows.