CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Nazi/Confederate combatants today conducted an attack on Union-held soil, killing three and injuring 34 others, in an apparent terrorist attack on anti-fascist protestors.

A Confederate antagonist drove a car into a crowd of noncombatants, crushing one to death and injuring nearly a score of others in one of the worst attacks of the ongoing American Civil War in recent memory, while other skirmishes commenced in the area.

Until recently, historians had generally held that the American Civil War ended in May of 1865, after the major factions of the Confederate army had surrendered, but armed combat has been ongoing over the last 150 years.

Confederate combatants have historically used terroristic tactics, making targeted attacks on largely civilian targets to instill a fear of the possibility of a resurgent Confederacy in the American citizens of the states which originally participated in the rebellion.

After World War II, Nazism, which shares many of the ideals of the Confederacy, including the concept of white European racial supremacy, and the goal of wiping out "undesirables" such as Jewish people, gay people, and members of "inferior races" such as those of African descent, made the jump to North America, and much of its symbology took hold in the Confederate army (sometimes styled as the Ku Klux Klan).

One example of a merged idiom is the numerical phrase "1488"; 14 stands for the 14 words in the slogan "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children", and 88 is a numerological reference to the Nazi slogan "Heil Hitler"; "H" being the eighth letter of the alphabet.

As is well known, the Confederate army has, in recent years, relied on recruitment through online channels such as the Stormfront recruitment website, Twitter, and other online forums.

Notably, while the Confederate Army does not currently hold any physical territory in the United States, its geographic spread is much greater than it was at the peak of hostilities in the mid-19th century, with Confederate flags now being flown in every state of the Union, transforming the war from a territorial matter to one of ideology.

The ongoing war appears to have re-escalated in recent years, with Confederate forces carrying out attacks on churches, schools, and homes, with seeming disregard for the differences between soldier and civilian; adult and child.

The Union officially still holds that the American Civil War was concluded in 1865. However, it's unclear how long this convenient fiction can hold. Ongoing attacks such as today's make clear that what was previously considered to be a right-wing political sect is largely constituted of enemy troops who have abandoned their allegiance to the Union in favor of the Confederacy.

This also raises the question of the fitness of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Trump has repeatedly used Confederate imagery in his speeches, and employs many who are euphemistically considered part of the "alt-right".

In addition, after today's events, Trump condemned "hatred and bigotry on many sides", ignoring the fact that the skirmish was initiated by Confederate footsoldiers. Given the ideological and territorial complexities of the modern Civil War not present in the early years of the conflict, it is not clear that Trump is capable of taking proper action as Commander in Chief to curb the ongoing insurrection.